Cast and Crew

This is a Southern Based, Not Safe For Work, Totally Free Radio Show for your listening enjoyment. If you don't like talk about legalizing marijuana, penis transplants, butthurt millennials, and much more debauchery..... this show aint for you. If you do like to talk about these type things, well Fuck Yeah brother or sister! Come on and give us a listen. If you're tired of listening to the same 4 songs on the radio that play over and over again, come sit around the old moonshine still with us and enjoy the music of hardworking indie artists. And not to mention some of our own parody songs and commercials. Plus, We drink and smoke as the show progresses, so it just gets 
progressively worse. Don't say I didn't warn you! 
- Clyde


Sugartits – Weather/News/Sexual Entertainment on the show. Sugartits always brings the female perspective to the show. As beautiful as she is funny, we are never at a loss for laughter when she is on her game.



Clyde – Computer Nerd by Day, Professional Singer and DJ by Night. Clyde is filterless and fearless, no topics are off limits where this host is concerned. Full of energy and raunchy stories, Clyde is an equal opportunity offender.


#2 – Clyde’s younger brother who some say sounds just like him. It will get worse and worse when those two are together on microphones!


Preach Jacobs – The Heartbeat of Columbia South Carolina, Preach is a Writer, Rapper, Political Activist, and Free Lance Stunt Cock.



Guest Stars:

Food Stamp and Round Eye (Five Below) – The original guest stars, crazy and opinionate. That’s just how we like them.

Mary Jane and Don Juan – A sexy couple who are 420 friendly. Friends of the show for over 3 decades!


Tripod – Bringing the Black back to the show! This man is a humungous ball of love and laughter!

Princess and The Captain – Captain doesn’t say much, but that’s only because he can’t get a word in edgewise when it comes to Princess. These two are hilarious and so fun to be around.

The Legend – A guitar playing, southern talking, heavy drinking, rock and roll man! The legend will never quit, the man is a machine.

Pound Cake and Twinkie (Captain Twinkie) – These two are from the Dakotas and bring a bit of Northern Aggression to the show!

Diamond – A lovely transsexual artist, this woman brings class and style…. and a foul mouth to the show.

The Professor – Smart, Single, and Ready to Mingle ladies. This guy will keep you after class for some private tutoring.

Old Fart – A war veteran, dedicated father, and over all class act. He says to, “Never waste a Boner and Never trust a Fart!”